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TMGS3 Swimsuits

So apparently, at max fashion level (5), clothing items that were previously only one style will now be unlocked as having the max fashion style i.e. fashion combos that each dude goes nuts over. So for my own reference, I collected a shit ton of swimsuits and tried them on to see what each type was, and now I’m sharing it with others who might find it useful. Eventually I’ll do the same for the one-piece items, like dresses.

I think I might have missed a couple, but honestly, if THIS doesn’t do the trick, NOTHING WILL.

Remember each of the main 6 dudes has a favorite ultimate style:

  • Ruka: Girly (Natural + Cute)
  • Kou: Wild (Vivid + Sexy)
  • Arashi: Sporty (Active + Vivid)
  • Junpei: Little Devil (Cute + Sexy)
  • Tamao: Older Sister (Cute + Chic)
  • Seiji: Mod (Vivid + Chic)

…bastards should be working as hard to dress up for MY sake, goddamn.

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